October 25, 2011
"the world is brittle,
seamed with cracks,
ready to shatter."

— Denise Levertov, from “The Passing Bell”

October 10, 2011
"On my bed at night there is a copy of Shakespeare, a copy of Chaucer, an automatic pistol and a black muslin fan. This is my whole little world."

— Katherine Mansfield, from a letter to Ottoline Morrell (May 1921)

(Source: katherinemansfieldsociety.org, via theredshoes)

September 24, 2011
"Perhaps such secrets, the secrets of everyone, were only expressed when the person laboriously dragged them into the light of the world, imposed them on the world, and made them part of the world’s experience. Without this effort, the secret place was merely a dungeon in which the person perished; without this effort, indeed, the world would be uninhabited darkness; and she saw, with a dreadful reluctance, why this effort was so rare."

— James Baldwin, Another Country

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